Homeowners have until Aug. 22 to appeal property tax spikes

Many New Orleans residents, faced by recent property assessments announcing skyrocketing property taxes for their neighborhoods, have until August 22 to file appeals for relief.

A July 26 article by The-Times Picayune/The New Orleans Advocate’s Jeff Adelson cited data from the Orleans Parish Assessor’s Office on the increases. Approximately 26,000 properties are in neighborhoods where the average sale price rose by over 50 percent in four years. One of the hardest-hit areas was the neighborhood around University Medical Center and the Veterans Medical Center. Its average price of $131 per square foot is over triple its 2015 assessment. The Columbia Park mixed-income development (where the St. Bernard Housing Projects used to be) saw prices more than double to a current average of $147 per square foot. Average prices increased by over 50 percent along the Oretha Castle Haley corridor in Central City.

Morgan Clevenger, president of the Fairgrounds Triangle Neighborhood Association, said one of her neighbors saw her assessment climb from $167,000 to $419,000 in the past year.


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