How to Choose a CPA

Six Very Important Questions You Should Ask

No matter the size of your business, it can be difficult deciding how to choose a CPA. We recommend beginning your selection process by asking these six very important questions:

1. How will your CPA learn about your business, not just at the beginning, but throughout your business relationship?

By making routine visits, Person CPA Group will gain valuable knowledge about your business.

2. What types of clients does your prospective CPA service?

Person CPA Group has a broad based client list that makes it obvious they are highly qualified to handle any business, including yours. We serve clients in a variety of fields such as Legal, Construction, Medical, Retail and many others.

3. Does your prospective CPA get feedback from his/her clients to find out how their performance is rated?

As a matter of practice, Person CPA Group has their clients surveyed to find out what they have been doing well and where they need improvement. Here is how Person CPA Group measured up:

97% of our clients reported that our performance had equaled or exceeded their expectations.

99% of our clients say they would recommend Person CPA Group to other businesses.

88% have already referred clients to Person CPA Group.

98% of Person CPA Group’s clients said that if they had to do it all over again they would hire Person CPA Group.

4. When your CPA is unavailable, is there someone on their staff who can help you quickly and knowledgeably?

Person CPA Group has a cross-training policy. They routinely review and orient each other on the clients they work with in order to eliminate downtime should they be unavailable for their clients.

5. While your CPA can’t be at your office all of the time, can they be available to you 100% of the time?

Training your in-house staff in accounting procedures and proper use of accounting software is one of the most important ways to insure you are getting the most out of your CPA’s expertise. Person CPA Group is certified, not only to train your staff in the proper use of QuickBooks and Peachtree software, but Matthew Person himself is a certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor and one of the few in Louisiana who trains other CPAs. He has personally trained over 1,000 other CPAs around the nation. When it comes to QuickBooks or Peachtree, there are few with more expertise than Matthew. The entire professional staff are also certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors.

6. What do your prospective CPA’s clients have to say about them?

Here is what some of our recent clients had to say:

“Matthew was willing to help a startup company like ours when other CPAs weren’t interested.”—Alex Todd, Airwalk Adventures- Kenner, LA

“I really like the aggressive approach he took inside my practice. The new billing procedures he put in place have improved things considerably. We are collecting additional money that we never expected to collect.”—Dr. Gregory Ward, Gregory Ward, MD, LTD, Baton Rouge, LA

“His personal attention to our account has made me very happy. Thanks for Matthew’s help in implementing PCLaw as our operating accounting program. It has given us the ability to track our client costs much more effectively.”—John Venezia, Venezia Law Corp, Metairie, LA

“Matthew is a great CPA as well as a great person. He was extremely helpful with our Peachtree software.”—Sylvia Hanks, City of Westwego, Westwego, LA

“Person CPA Group came recommended by the SBA. I found other CPA firms don’t give me the time and attention to detail that I needed.”—Diedra Hodges, Computer Solutions, New Orleans, LA